Bay View Gallery Night

BVGN 2022

Melt Chocolates

2018 South 1st St, #120

5pm to 9pm

Melt Chocolates is excited to feature two host two artists for Fall 2022 BVGN! Amy Beattie is a multimedia artist who works from her home studio in Belgium, WI. Amy focuses her attention on functional ceramics, painting and mixed media painting. She works in many artistic styles with imagery revolving around Americana and the Midwest landscape, the human experience and color abstracts. Diego Heredia is a local Xicano Milwaukee artist from the north side of the city. Diego is heavily influenced by indigenous lore and art that focuses on life/ death. He hopes his pieces help alleviate some fear and discomfort of our inevitable transitioning into the next journey of our afterlife.

Event Contains: Mixed-Media, Abstract