Bay View Gallery Night

BVGN 2022

Cafe LuLu

2265 S Howell Ave

5pm - 10pm

Stop in for a bite and check out water inspired artwork from Sharon Mergener

Event Contains: Mixed Media

Artist Statement

After years of dreaming of being an artist or DJ, in the mid-’90s, Sharon graduated from UW-Milwaukee with BFA in Painting and Drawing, along with a Master of Arts in Teaching in 2009. Since she was a kid and continued into adulthood, she has been painting, participating in various local art shows for the last 25 years. She was an elementary teacher for 15 years and an adjunct professor for five years, until 2017 when she left her career to focus more on her art career and grow her creative business, EverBern, which she co-owns with her husband, Zach, who is also an artist. They reside in Bay View with their two cats.

Business Bio

Open since April of 2001, LuLu is an eclectic cafe and bar located in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee. Offering a variety of unique hot sandwiches, salads, and soup, this turn-of-the-century building has become a fun and funky spot for a quick lunch or a relaxed dinner.