Bay View Gallery Night - Milwaukee WI

BVGN 2019

Cafe LuLu

2265 S Howell Ave

5pm - 10pm

Featuring paintings from Byada Meredith.

Event Contains: Paintings

Artist Statement

This is the part where I should try to speak in a very deep way about my art and why I am making it. Unfortunately, the more I paint, the more I create… the less I want to speak about things, and the more I just want to paint and have people take their own meanings and feelings from what they see. Words can also be beautiful, but these painted windows might be another way to share experiences and points of view and some things we may realize. There is life, and love, some pieces lost and found, a lot of things here. Hopefully you feel that too.

Business Bio

Open since April of 2001, LuLu is an eclectic cafe and bar located in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee. Offering a variety of unique hot sandwiches, salads, and soup, this turn-of-the-century building has become a fun and funky spot for a quick lunch or a relaxed dinner.