Bay View Gallery Night

BVGN 2022

Coldwell Banker HomeSale Realty

2483 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.

5pm - 10pm

Featured artists: Jackie Marx, Carol Kraco, Shelly Rosenquist and music from Sam Armus and Jack Carpenter

Event Contains: Music, Oil, Pastel, Photography, Snacks and Wine

Artist Statement

Entertainment for your eyes and ears

Sam Armus and Jack Carpenter

“Starting in 2011, Sam Armus and Jack Carpenter have made a forceful mark in the Milwaukee area techno scene. Striving for high energy shows and experimental performances they combine new and old school sounds and techniques to create a show that is so much more than just another DJ set. With a concentration in experimental techno sounds, the atmosphere changes from light to dark and everything in between. Using a unique set up of 2 computers and 4 controllers, they create a sound completely their own, with a performance style that will keep both your ears and eyes entertained and wondering whats next.”

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Unique and a definite spin on traditional pastel work

Shelly Rosenquist

Fine Art: My work has progressed from pen and India ink drawings on paper to vibrantly colored pastel pieces. The process I have developed is truly unique as I build layer upon layer of pastel onto hand-made wooden canvases. The grain of the wood integrates itself into the work of art, creating a sort of fingerprint for every piece. While pastels as a medium tend to be quite messy and untouchable, I have derived an unusual method (one might consider my work “Experimental Art”) of layering pastels with fixative on wood that eliminates these problems and have come up with a sealant that ensures that each piece is protected and ready to be handled.

Often mistaken for oil paintings, my pastel works stand alone regarding uniqueness in technique and subject matter and provide a definite spin on traditional pastel works. Find out more about Shelly and view some of her work at

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Pictures of beautiful, quirky, or somber things for people who are moved by them

Carol Kraco – Kraco Photography

Family portraits, commissioned work for local campaigns, weddings, senior portraits, pro bono work for local charities. Examples of my work can be found at Kraco Photography on Facebook.

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My gardens give me inspiration as does most of nature.

Jackie Marx

My gardens give me inspiration as does most of nature. I study other painters style and color combinations. Love to see what other artist are doing. I visit art museums and art gallery’s when ever I get a chance.

Many times I am just inspired by a color. I may paint red/orange paintings for a while then switch to blues and purples. Using brush and palate knife for my paintings. I enjoy bright colors. Started painting flowers from my gardens and then buildings, dogs, still life, landscape and sea scape. I enjoy them all.