Bay View Gallery Night

BVGN 2022

Beulah Brinton House

2590 S. Superior St

5pm - 9pm

Thomas Hellstrom will curate a display that reflects the Bay View community through the story of Beulah Brinton. The historic Beulah Brinton home will house an interpretation of artifacts and images that reflect the families and immigrants in the early 1900’s. Food/beverages by St Francis Brewery available on the lawn (cash please)

Event Contains: Group Gallery Show, Vintage

Artist Statement

Considered to be one of finest steamboats on the lakes, the Lady Elgin was returning from Chicago in the face of a threatening storm. Carrying some 600 excursionists, 300 of which were Milwaukeeans, she was blind sided by a schooner who had lost control in the weather resulting in one of the lake’s greatest tragedies. One can only imagine what fashions and treasures were aboard such a luxurious vessel as it met its deadly fate. This show is a collection of local art and fashion inspired by what treasures may have been on board the Lady Elgin.

Entering the Beulah Brinton House, which dates back to the 1800s, guests will experience a walk into history at The Lady Elgin Show. The Victorian style mansion will host local artisans creating vintage inspired work or using a vintage process and businesses making vintage products.The items on exhibit will consist of mixed media collage, printmaking, fashion and accessories, as well as a literary installation.

Business Bio

The Beulah Brinton House serves as headquarters for the Bay View Historical Society, established in 1979 and is significant for both its history as well as its architecture.