Bay View Gallery Night

Bay View Gallery Night

Business Participation Form

We welcome all Bay View businesses that support local art to participate in BVGN!

This form applys to the BVGN on Friday May 31st 2024

This should be a short paragraph descrining the art on display, artist names, and any other event details (snacks, vendors, music, etc...). If you are not sure what you will be featuring please enter TBA. This information is required for particpation and will need to be completed on or before our deadline. This information can also be updated at any time before the event date by emailing us the updated info.

We require businesses to be free and open to the public from 5pm - 9pm or later. (exceptions can be made, please explain in the notes area at the bottom of this form.)

I understand that I must host at least one artist, artisan, musician, and/or art related event in order to participate

I understand that I must submit the required participation fee of $45 in order to participate. The payment option will be available after submitting this form. (Note: businesses without a completed event listing or payment by our deadline will not be eligible for participation)

If you have any additional information or questions.