Bay View Gallery Night

BVGN 2022

Z Chiropractic

2445 S. Kinnickinnic Ave

5pm - 10pm

In celebration of Pride month, Dr. Michelle is pleased to host: Lidia Sharapova ( “As We Are” photographing LGBTQ people, giving them voice and visibility.

Event Contains: Photography

Artist Statement

I grew up in Russia where being GBTQ is illegal. This community is denied basic human rights, and it is dangerous for them to be openly who they are, let alone to be photographed.
And while there has been social progress made in the USA, there is still much room for improvement. And the stories of those I have photographed bear witness to this fact.
Photographing LGBTQ people, giving them voice and visibility, I am trying to push back on gender norms that were put on me. I also hope to break the stereotypes and stigmas that have surrounded the community for far too long.

Business Bio

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