Bay View Gallery Night

BVGN 2022

Small Studio Brand Shop

2557 S Kinnickinnic Ave. #101

5pm - 9pm

Open House, and featuring artist Jake Karson (Krivzz)

Event Contains: Mixed-media Pop Art

Artist Statement

Jacob Krason, aka Krivzz, is a mixed-media pop artist influenced by the individualistic and liberating marks used by the abstract expressionists. Krivzz borrows from his experience as a graphic designer by taking structured symbolic images of popular culture and deconstructs the order of their typical ideals with fast and gestural markings in oil sticks, acrylic, and spray paint.

Krivzz was born in the west suburbs of Chicago, where he was first exposed to street art and skate culture. At the age of thirteen, he moved to Wisconsin, where the sheer will of not wanting to work hard in school led him to take up graphic design. Finding his passion for art, he finally got a good mark on his report card and locked in a high school internship at a local graphic design firm.

From here, he started to mesh his skate culture with art when he got a job at the local streetwear boutique in Milwaukee—working their allowed Krivzz to surround himself with the local creatives. Hanging out with musicians, painters, and photographers, Krivzz was able to feed off his community’s creative energy and influenced him to build his own art career.

Still based in Milwaukee, Krivzz uses his art as an excuse to hang out with friends and recreate images of his childhood. From his favorite hip artist to the boxes of playboys in his grandpa’s basement, his pop art, abstract expressionist, collages are used to remember his past times, personal thoughts, and influences.