Bay View Gallery Night

Bay View Gallery Night

Small Studio Brand Shop

2557 S Kinnickinnic Ave. #101 (Map)

5:00pm - 9:00pm

Illustrations by Caleigh Ripp, Jewelry by Margie Edwards, Photography by James Baumeister, Soaps and Candles by Joyness Bubbles, and Live Music with Red Rathmann

Event Contains: Paintings, Illustrations, Crafts, Live Music

Artist Statement

Photography by James Baumeister 
James Baumeister is a photographer from East Troy, WI. He grew up snapping many photos with the family’s film cameras in the 90s/2000s, but mostly disposables. He has always lost himself in graphic design, painted art, music, etc. but only recently fell in love with photography (~2021-2022). He loves gear and technology and photography involves a lot of both. He enjoys through-provoking photography that creates conflict.
“I strongly believe center comp is best comp. Fight me. I’m a hot boy.” – James Baumeister

Illustrations by Caleigh Ripp
Caleigh is a talented Senior Art Director based in Milwaukee who loves to challenge herself creatively. When she’s not inundating her friends with “what if” questions, she can be found cuddling her dog or exploring a new hobby. For the past few years, she’s been honing her illustration skills by creating a world of “Monsters” that live within the plants she grows at home. Now, she’s excited to share her work for the first time at this Summer’s Bay View Gallery Night. With her unique combination of photography, perspective and illustration, her playful prints are perfect for any home.

Soaps and Candles by Joyness Bubbles
Nevaeh Nieves is a talented young entrepreneur who creates and sells handmade soaps and candles. Her product collections feature an array of delightful scents that are perfect for any season. Starting out with a focus on soap, Nevaeh has expanded her offerings to include candles, which she will be showcasing exclusively at this year’s Bay View Gallery Night. Her joy for making soaps come through in every bar!

Live Music performed by Red Rathmann
Red Rathmann is a Milwaukee musician who plays with soul. His soulful voice ranges from blues, folk, rock and jazz that is accompanied by his tranquil guitar. For 15 years, he has been traveling the Midwest sharing songs that express America’s culture and history. Enjoy the music!