Bay View Gallery Night

BVGN 2022

Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S Kinnickinnic Ave

5pm - 10pm

Live drumming! Wine! 5:30-9:30. Wall art includes 6 foot framed album covers, foil design walls by Barb Poklar, and ceramic sculptures by Roberta’s Art Gallery UWW. Multiple artists on site.

First time event: Starving Artist Competition – hosting 1 piece each, from multiple LOCAL artists with the public vote to determine who wins the $100 prize! Artist deadline to submit their piece for display is Wednesday September 25th 7pm. Stop in by 9pm to place your vote and walk through our eclectic collection of art, decor, and Bay View history.

Event Contains: Sculpture, Live Music, Artist Competition

Business Bio

The Shape Up Shoppe Inc. is the longest standing local owner building & biz on KK!