Bay View Gallery Night - Milwaukee WI

BVGN 2022

Rev Pop

2559 S Howell Ave

5pm - 8pm

TYPE IN BLACK + LIGHT. 5-8pm. Rev Pop’s designers showcase an array of typographic, black light screen-printed posters. Featuring complimentary beer from their very own clientele, Good City Brewing Company and Lowlands Brewing Company. Free stickers and swag. After hours spectacular at Boone and Crocket at 9pm featuring Rev Pop rockers, DATRF and Awkward Terrible.

Event Contains: typographic, black light screen-printed posters

Business Bio

Rev Pop is here to make you look good. Whether it’s on the web, in print, or over the airwaves. With a passion for art expressed through design and logic, we enjoy working with clients who believe in the power of advertising and creative brand strategy. We believe in a clean and simple approach, leading into an intuitive and well established product. Our work reflects our lifestyle and the unique culture we’ve built around our brand and as a company. Our clients are equals, a part of the team and one with the process. Our relationship with our clients range from long term retainers to quick turn-around projects. If you’re interested in what we do, would like to collaborate on an upcoming project, or would just like to say hello… please feel free to contact us anytime.