Bay View Gallery Night

Bay View Gallery Night

Ox Optimal

2923 S Delaware Ave (Map)

5:00pm - 9:00pm

Abstract Paintings by Mike McCutcheon & Rob Sieracki. Complimentary refreshments available.

Event Contains: Abstract Paintings

Artist Statement

Mike McCutcheon is a midwestern artist currently residing in Chicago. His art is often abstract expressionist, occasionally figurative but always honest and emotional. Sometimes that emotion is heavy, but more often it is whimsical or absurd. A long time musician, Mike originally started painting because he needed paintings. But he has since gone on to exhibit in several galleries and spaces in Chicago. This event will be his first in Milwaukee, a town he loves and lived in part-time for much of the 1990s. Mike’s friend Rob Sieracki, a Milwaukee artist and musician who lived in Chicago in the 1990s, will also show new abstract paintings based in acrylic.

Business Bio

Ox Optimal is an internet marketing consultancy in Milwaukee, WI.
Founded by business & marketing veterans Tim Midyett and Rob Sieracki.
Pragmatically focused on raising visitor value for businesses’ web presences.
Specialized in PPC advertising, including advanced remarketing techniques.