Bay View Gallery Night

BVGN 2022

Mke Mindbody Wellness

3174 S. Howell Avenue

5pm - 9pm

“The Me You Don’t See”
How does a teen interpret their outward and inward self? These unique self-portraits blend the line work of block prints with the language of the inner voice. Mindfulness activities engaged the artists in thoughtful writing processes that enhanced their ideas of how they describe themselves with honesty and awareness. Witness the voice of our youth at this fascinating event. Keep the conversation going over a treat with our partner of the night, Cream City Swirl.
This is a Bay View collaboration with Parkside School of the Arts and Cream City Swirl.

Event Contains: Student Art, Self Portraits

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Our holistic wellness services are characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental, environmental, and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of an illness. We are not recommending you replace your current therapies/medications and prefer to keep your current doctors and psychiatric therapists informed of complementary treatments.