Bay View Gallery Night - Milwaukee WI

BVGN 2019

Milwaukee Makerspace

2555 S. Lenox St.

5pm - 10pm

Visitors will be able to tour our work areas like the wood shop, metal shop, 3d printing lab, craft area, laser lab, and many others. And stop by for a blacksmith demonstration, the Delek Asylum will have full size Daleks driving around, and we have several members that will be selling things they have made in the Makerspace.

Event Contains: 16,000 sq feet of Awesome

Business Bio

The Milwaukee Makerspace is a social club for people who like to build, invent, tinker and/or collect new skills and expand their minds. Within our 100+ member base, we have a wide range of skill sets, so you’re likely to find people who can talk about most any technical or artistic concept with you! We are a physical space in Bay View where you can visit, 24/7 as a member, and have access to wide array of equipment you aren't likely to have at home, such as a welding shop, a ceramics kiln, a CNC router, an aluminum casting foundry, 3D printers, laser cutters and a fully equipped metal and woodworking shop. Plus, there are folks around the space that can give you tips and pointers on operating that equipment effectively.