Bay View Gallery Night - Milwaukee WI

BVGN 2022

Little Duck Kitchen

2301 S Howell Ave

5pm - 9pm

An Illusion of Stability and Memory: How Ephemera and the Disposable sustain our desire for comfort and nostalgia. Art by Atti Rabatin, a multidisciplinary artist grown out of the Midwest. Menu items by Odd Duck Chef de Cuisine Sam Ek will reflect a take on what we consider “junk food.”

Event Contains: Mixed Media

Artist Statement

My practice, rather than crafting, is rooted in the editing of objects all while creating something new. Primarily motivated by relationships, my work attempts to demonstrate how things, people, or materials can relate to, or repel one another. Whether personal relationships represent our experiences shared with other beings, general place in the world, or our concept of our selves, it is important that I utilize the appropriate medium and surface methods in order to demonstrate these conflicts and harmonies brought by these relationships. Also, by appealing to ones desire for nostalgia, including my own, I work to incite viewers memories as they pertain to their emotional relationship to the material and forms.

In this series, I use familiar objects: chairs, yarn, maritime hardware, fast food restaurant debris, and other industrial fabricated items. Some items, I have a great connection with and have been in my home for years, while other things, at first glance, are just junk, however, I do have complex relationships with these materials as well even though they are viewed as “more disposable.” By adding highly ephemeral components to various works within the series, some of which are entirely site-specific, I wish to present the viewer with a space to question their own relationships, relationships with other people, things, animals, places, our own ideas and thoughts of self, whichever. Are they rooted? Are they single use? Do we treat others and ourselves as disposable? Or is it all nostalgia and ephemera via reshaped memories and childhood dreams? I do not wish to answer any of it, just possibly a vehicle to help pose the questions along with space and opportunity to do so. Or if you just say it looks cool! That still works for me.