Bay View Gallery Night

BVGN 2022

Lazy Susan MKE

2378 S Howell Ave

5pm - 10pm

Stop by and check out “The Forest Floor” an exhibition from artist Theresa Kinney.

Event Contains: Oil Paintings, Science!

Artist Statement

Dr. Theresa Ann Kenney is first and foremost an educator, a teacher in higher education  for 30 plus years. 

While specializing in digital technology, drawing, figure drawing, composition, color  theory, art history, design history, art in the humanities and animation, Kenney often  look for ways to find collaborations in the community with various non-profits, small  businesses, family groups and other entities using her expertise in art and design. 

In addition to teaching Kenney has maintained a long career in Entertainment  Production and is a card carrying member of the International Association of  Stagehands and Engineers (IATSE) Local 18. She sets up large video walls and runs  camera for large events for everything from rock and roll to the symphonic  orchestration and theater. 

Kenney loves and cherishes her long career in art education and entertainment, but  also has a deep passion for nature and for learning about mycology and citizen  science. Dr. Kenney is currently the President of the Board of Directors of the  Wisconsin Mycological Society and the Layout and Design director for the Mycophile –  the NAMA, the North American Mycological Associations major publication. 

Kenney’s work in the Forest Floor is a culmination of work done when it was impossible  to go on forays and the world was in lock down. She has continued this series to this  day. The Forest Floor encompasses a series of oil on canvas paintings of Wisconsin  fungi. The exhibition includes each specimens taxonomy, common and formal names,  descriptions and habitat. This work is an artist exhibition of science yet so much  more.