Bay View Gallery Night

BVGN 2022

Hamburger Mary’s

2130 S Kinnickinnic Ave

8pm & 9:30pm

Dining with the Divas drag show at 8pm and 9:30 (reservations recommended)

Featruring work from: Thom J. Ertl

Event Contains: Drag Show, Mixed Media Art & Furniture

Artist Statement

Thom J. Ertl was born and raised on a multi-generational vegetable farm and orchard in southeastern Wisconsin. Along with the expectations of being a “farm kid,” he always made time to be inspired by the world around him. “Creativity has always been central to my life,” said Ertl. “I was fortunate to spend my childhood with a thoughtful, creative, sometimes nontraditional person, who encouraged me to think beyond the expectations. Grandma Patterson and I spent our free time ‘doing’ arts and crafts. I remember my childhood as a magical time to explore, to realize what life had to offer, and having the sanctity of Grandma’s permission to do that. My Grandma’s love, support and influence have been invaluable in the thought process I employ today in the creation of graphic design, wall art and furniture.”