Bay View Gallery Night

BVGN 2022

Frank’s Power Plant

2800 S Kinnickinnic Ave

4pm - 2am

War Pigs Presents the Debut of works by Shawn Page.

BVGN afterparty!

9pm $5 21+ – Live music from: Ravi/LolaSend Medicine, and Beach Static

Event Contains: Painting, Mixed Media, Live Music

Artist Statement

A Bricklayer by day, Shawn Page finds many ways to express himself through art. His mother is a lifetime brilliant artist and his father a successful musician. Growing up in that environment he took the talents he inherited and ran with them. Shawn paints on canvas or wood, and works with three dimensional art such as skulls, bones, metal, shadow boxes. Shawn also sings for the local band High Gallows. His influences are that of the supernatural, occult, serial killer, nature, music, religion, and horror movies. A husband and father of 4 first, Shawn still finds time to create art in many forms.

Business Bio

We are a sweet, old school neighborhood bar that has off the hook Bartenders, DJs, Events, & Rock-n-Roll Shows.