Bay View Gallery Night - Milwaukee WI

BVGN 2019

Brass Rooster

2252 S Kinnickinnic Ave

5pm - 9pm

Featuring artist Shanda Pearce

Event Contains: Ink, Paintings

Artist Statement

Inkapades, the name of my “art business”, comes from combing two words; “Ink”, the colorful medium I work most in, and “Escapades”, the origin of which means an adventurous action or escape. Both aptly describe the feeling I get when I’m in the creative process. From the time I could hold a pencil, I was driven by the desire to express myself artistically. My inspiration for my work is the miracle of life, which I find all around me; in the lines and shadows, textures, and colors of nature. I believe the fluid and unpredictable nature of working with alcohol inks and dyes recreates the “perfect imperfection” I find in nature itself. My personal favorite pieces are the “happy accidents” that occur unexpectedly, when I stop working from a preconceived idea, and allow the colors and images to emerge and reveal themselves to me, intuitively!